West-Cal Construction Company utilizes in-house Preconstruction services to ensure the most accurate analysis, budgeting and  scheduling. Our team will provide invaluable input for your project from the inception of a project and continue until the first  shovel is overturned. Our staff is a valuable asset to the review of your project, reviewing in careful orchestration to predetermine and identify potential obstacles, time deficits, and cost saving actions to  guide your project. Our efforts will contribute to your projects inevitable success, on  time and on budget, while assisting designers using our constructability  reviews to produce a highly accurate and  comprehensive set of drawings that will translate into a successful  construction effort.

Budget Management

The success of any project relies heavily on the ability to stay within budget. West-Cal prides itself with developing budgets that meet our owners cost parameters while providing for the very best in quantity and craftmanship. Accurate budget development is the foundation to a successful project and you want West-Cal on your team from day one.


Our team utilizes the latest tools and technologies available to us to  provide the most accurate budgets possible. Having built decades of  great working relationships with the local subcontractor community,  we proceed with confidence in the subcontracts we select and the accuracy of the bids, the current rates for materials and labor  specified, as well as the ability to provide alternative, cost saving  options.


An accurate timeline for any project is not something to be taken for granted. At West-Cal Construction we understand that importance of proper project scheduling and it’s impact on revenue forecasting, hotel staff hiring, proper loan structuring and construction loan interest carrying. Our projects stay on schedule because our many years of experience have helped up to anticipate problems while capitalizing on efficiencies not often exercised by our competition.

Design Review/Value Engineering

Our vast years of experience in building hotels and knowing what works will provide your project with consistent performance, quality, reliability, and safety while improving the overall project budget. Let us help your project be penny wise while avoiding being dollar foolish. 

Preconstruction Schedule Management

Equally important in the pre-development stages is having a team that understands what steps must be taken from a construction perspective to schedule early interaction with skilled sub-contractors to help bring the very best plan together. West-Cal Construction can be a key player on our pre-development team and help drive the process from day one.

Construction & Site Logistics

With over 250 hotels built since our inception, we are proficient in analyzing the project site and understanding how best to phase a project to provide for the most efficient scheduling. Give us a call today to discuss your site specific needs.

PIP and Renovation Services

 West-Cal Construction can provided PIP (Property Improvement Plan) and Renovation services for your existing or newly acquired hotel projects as well. With over 100+ renovation projects completed over the years, we understand the importance of working within the constraints of an occupied property and interacting with both hotel guests and staff during the PIP/renovation process. Call us today and let’s discuss the best plan to keep your hotel looking like new!

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